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Staking Rocks! [PHRCK]
5 min readSep 7, 2022

As PHRCK provides the backend tech infrastructure and continued dev services for the HavocWorlds project, all HavocWorlds NFT holders are invited to stake with PHRCK stake pool.

This strategic partnership adds more value to the HavocWorlds NFT as holders who delegate to PHRCK stake pool will enjoy the following incentives:

  1. For every HW NFT held, 2% more $RNR token rewards every epoch compared to delegators who don’t hold any HW NFT yet. This goes up to 50% as a delegator holds more HW NFTs.
  2. Delegating at least 1,000₳ and holding at least 1 HW NFT automatically includes your account in PHRCK’s monthly raffle draw for a prize of 100₳ (no need to manually submit an entry). This monthly draw has been going for 22 months now at the time of this post.

PHRCK has already been granting its delegators 1 RNR token for every ADA staking reward earned. And existing delegators who don’t own Havoc Worlds NFT yet, can likewise take advantage of this opportunity by grabbing some on secondary markets like jpeg.store.

This move will also help support the continued development of HavocWorlds on the technical aspects of the project without any additional cost to the holders of its NFT.

What is the $RNR token?

$RNR will be the utility token for the perks and services provided by Staking Rocks! [PHRCK] community stake pool. In the future, it will be the required token to access PHRCK-provided tools such as the following:

  • Multi-asset bulk sender tool (legacy version already live, dApp-based app under development)
  • Direct BSC-Cardano token bridge (currently in development)
  • Min-ADA unlocking service for dead tokens (development will follow soon)
  • Token distribution service for projects (similar to DripDropz and TosiDrop; development will follow soon)
  • Token minting and transaction submission services

As PHRCK expands its validator node operations in other projects/networks, $RNR holders will also be allocated a share of PHRCK’s token earnings.

Right now, we are already operating a node for the Umbrella Network. And soon, when World Mobile goes on mainnet and if all goes well with our partners, we will be operating at least one WM Earth Node also! More details on this will be published soon — such as the actual allocation percentage — as we get concrete figures on costs of operation.

More details on $RNR will be available at https://rnr-token.io

Mechanics and Sample Figures

To better understand how the additional $RNR rewards is calculated, let’s take the following staking account as an example:


The account has a little more than 10,000 ADA staked with PHRCK and since epoch 341, it has been earning somewhere between 3₳ to 7₳ every epoch in staking rewards.

Whatever amount it earns in ADA from staking, it also earns the same amount in RNR each epoch. These RNR rewards can either be claimed each epoch or left to accumulate and be claimed later.

Now if the same account also holds 1 Havoc Worlds NFT, it will earn an additional 2% in RNR rewards. So, if in epoch 354 for example, it earned 3.273 ADA, its RNR rewards will be 3.273 + (2% of 3.273) or 3.33846 RNR.

And if it holds 2 HW NFT instead of just one, then the calculation will be:

3.273 + (4% * 3.273) = 3.40392 RNR

…and so on: +2% more for every additional HW NFT in the account, up to a maximum of 50%.

And of course, the more ADA you stake, the greater your staking rewards will be, which is the main basis for calculating these RNR rewards.

More examples:


These extra RNR rewards will be credited to accounts with *active* stakes delegated to PHRCK starting epoch 364 to give time for interested participants to move their stake or register their stake, for those who haven’t started yet. (We’re approaching epoch 362 at the time of this post)

This will continue until the supply allocated for community distribution via staking rewards runs out. This allocation is in the amount of 20,700,000 RNR tokens — equivalent to 30% of its total supply. At the time of this writing, only less than 1M RNR has been earned from staking so far.

Monitoring and Accounting

Shortly before the end of each epoch (within 4 hours prior to epoch transition), a snapshot of the Havoc Worlds token holders will be taken to be used for the next epoch’s rewards calculation.

Another snapshot will be taken at a random time within each epoch. And these two snapshots will together be used as the basis for calculating the extra RNR rewards for each epoch.

An account must be holding their Havoc Worlds NFTs during both snapshots for the corresponding extra RNR rewards to accrue. If for example, you have a total of 10 HW NFTs on the first snapshot and on the second snapshot, you only have 7 left, you will only earn extra rewards corresponding to the 7 HW NFTs.

What do I need to do?

Simple, just hold at least 1 Havoc Worlds NFT and delegate your stake to PHRCK stake pool.

In case you’re new to Cardano, in your wallet app, just go to the staking center and search for our ticker symbol: PHRCK

...then click delegate and follow the next prompts. That’s it.

If you’re already delegating to PHRCK, no further action from your part is needed. If you’re holding Havoc Worlds NFTs in the duration of this program, it will be picked up and recorded by our on-chain-data monitoring backend.

Staking Dashboard

A staking dashboard will be provided soon where you can login with your dApp-compatible wallet app and you can monitor your staking rewards history. This will also be the place where you can claim your accumulated RNR rewards anytime. It will be available before we enter epoch 363.

Sep 10, 2022 UPDATE: The staking dashboard is now available! Track and claim your accumulated RNR rewards at:


Be sure to follow @PHRCKpool and @havocworlds on Twitter for the follow-up announcements! 🤘



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