Earn BCG tokens on top of ADA just by delegating to PHRCK

Staking Rocks! [PHRCK]
2 min readDec 19, 2021

You might have already heard that we have recently started working with BlockchainGames. In case you haven’t, we announced that in this tweet:

BlockchainGames is a team based in Germany and other parts of Europe. They are working on multiple mobile games for iOS and Android.

The first project they have released is the Adamon — a virtual world that you can explore, full of monsters that you can battle and catch. And once you defeat the monsters, you can mint them as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain! What a fun way to pull CNFTs, huh!? 😄

But that’s not all! Those who pulled Adamons from the game, also get corresponding amounts of BCG tokens, depending on the class of monsters they got:

  • 12.50 BCG tokens for 2-star monsters
  • 31.00 BCG tokens for 3-star monsters
  • 62.00 BCG tokens for 4-star monsters
  • 94.00 BCG tokens for 5-star monsters
  • 125.00 BCG tokens for 7-star monsters
  • 1,254.00 BCG tokens for 10-star monsters!

This is what we are doing for BlockchainGames — we are handling the smooth delivery of these BCG tokens to the hodlers of Adamon CNFTs.

So what is BCG for? BlockchainGames is distributing a portion of their earnings from the games they publish, to the hodlers of BCG tokens! You can think of BCG tokens as a share of stock in their company.

What’s in it for the delegators of PHRCK?

As part of our partnership with BlockchainGames, PHRCK delegators are also going to get 0.5 BCG for every ADA they earn from staking with us!

This will go on for 20 epochs starting from epoch 310. So, all delegations that went live in epoch 310 will qualify. Every ADA earned will also entitle you to claim 0.5 BCG.

These additional rewards will be available for claiming every 5 epochs.

Please note that there’s a 2-epoch period before delegations become “active” and earning rewards. This means that new delegators from epoch 310 will start earning rewards with PHRCK in epoch 312. And it’s your rewards starting from that epoch that we will count.

For existing delegators who already have “active” stake with PHRCK by epoch 310, you start earning BCG from epoch 310! 🤟

So come and stake with PHRCK starting today! From your wallet app, just search for our ticker code “PHRCK” in the staking center and click “Delegate”.

In case you need our pool IDs, here they are:

Bech32 format:


Hex format:


Aside from earning BCG, you also earn RNR tokens, and soon UMB! And likely even more to come. Just by staking with us!

Keep rocking, party people!



Staking Rocks! [PHRCK]

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